Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Day of School!

This past week in our AEE 412 teaching lab, we each taught our lesson we will roll out on our first day of school.  We had a cool opportunity to have our class session recorded so we could play back out video for some self-reflection, as well as some peer-evaluation.

Needless, to say you could tell this was my first rodeo and it was easy pick out some areas for improvement, as well as some things that I think I really like about my teaching style.

Here are just some observations I've made while watching my video:

Some Areas for Improvement:

  • When people tell me that I have a tendency to talk fast, they aren't kidding.  I really want to work on controlling my motor-mouth so that way my kids can understand what I am saying and have time to process the information.
  • I have a habit of asking for volunteers but I never wait for anyone to raise their hand; I often just "volun-tell" people to answer the questions or give an example.  For this particular lesson, we were on a time schedule, but my lessons would be a lot more effective I think if I just slowed down. 
  • I also need to work on my transitions between activities.  Making connections between different areas of the lesson is crucial so I really need to work on making those bridges more clear.

 Some Things I Like About my Style:

  •  I like my energy level! I tend to be more energetic than some but that's ok with me!  I want my classroom to be full of excitement and for my students to be excited to be there.  Now, the trick is going to be making sure that our energy and enthusiasm is geared toward the lesson and not just chaotic!
  • Part of this particular lab was developing our classroom procedures, expectations, and consequences.  This is the first time I actually developed some type of classroom management that I will actually use.  I feel confident in the way I will manage my class room and so I am excited to try it out!
After watching my video, I realize that I am still learning and that I have a way to go.  But I also realized that this is something that I am going to love and that I am going to be just as excited as Nemo for my next first day of school!

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