Monday, November 3, 2014

A Weekly Reflection: Inquiry-Based Learning Is...

One of the most unique and rewarding experiences we will encounter as student teachers and eventually in our own classes is having the opportunity to see our students take charge of their own learning through Inquiry-Based Instruction.

By using Inquiry in our instruction, we allow our students to explore materials, concepts, and their own creativity through thought-provoking questioning and critical thinking.

The thought the learning is directed by the student, the burden falls upon the teacher to prepare a lesson of a different caliber than before.  Our questions shift from "Yes or No" to "Why or How".  Instead of presenting material, we present a question and let our students work through it to find the answer, thus directing their own learning.

Our challenge as teachers is to continue to transform our classrooms to shift from a teacher-centered setting to a student-centered environment, finding the perfect balance of each along the way.  Check out this video that does a great job of illustrating what Inquiry-Based Instruction is and is not.

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