Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Weekly Reflection: Forgetting We are Teachers

This week in class we will begin talking about using Problem-Based Learning, or PBL, in our classrooms.  This topic, though I think it is incredibly valuable and will be a fun and engaging way to teach, is still hard for me really to grasp the concept of.  In the simplest form of the theory it makes sense, we give our students a problem and they have to figure out the answer.  But I know it is so much more than that; it has to be!  The learning that is occurring will be incredible; absolutely fascinating to watch students brainstorm and think and create.

However, because this is such a valuable tool, I think it is really important to have a solid understanding of what Problem-Based Learning looks like.  The video above I believe does a great job of breaking down this idea of Problem-Based Learning and comparing it to a traditional classroom, highlighting the key components that sets PBL apart.

My favorite part about this video is that it challenges us to forget that we are teachers.  Say what?! Forget that we are teachers?!  Yes!  Forget that we are teachers so that we can become Mentors, helping our students to work through the problem so that they may discover the answers on their own, taking their learning into their own hands.

I love the idea of a student-centered environment and student-driven learning.  I look forward to challenging myself as a teacher, or more importantly a mentor, to develop Problem-Based Learning opportunities for my future students.

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