Sunday, October 5, 2014

One Down, a Million to Go: Developing My First Unit Plan

This past week, we were required to develop our first unit of instruction.  We've heard that it could be a daunting task for the newbies, and they weren't kidding!  However, after typing and choosing standards and naming and renaming lessons over and over again, we came out on top with one unit under our belts!

The hardest part about writing the unit plan was getting started.  It was challenging to start with a blank document and to know that the end goal was to produce a workable, usable plan to bring into my classroom in just a few weeks.

After some serious searching on NAAE's Community of Practice for some inspiration and combining about 7 different templates into one, I finally was able to begin writing.  What was the most difficult part?  Deciding which lesson was going to come where.  Determining the order of which to roll out the material throughout the course of the unit is tricky business.  However, after ours of deliberation, I finally decided on how to schedule my unit.

After developing our unit, we handed it to two of our classmates for some peer feedback before our final submission.  I got some great suggestions on word-smithing a few items and adjusting some assessments.  Overall, I am proud of my first unit plan and am excited to receive my final grade so I can begin writing unit plan number two of what will feel like a million.

While researching some tips on unit plan writing, I came across this link all about Unit Planning and Backwards Design.  It had some great info and even included an interview with a student teacher about her unit planning experience! Check it out!

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