Monday, February 9, 2015

23,000 for the 1 in 9

According to the United Nation's World Food Programme, 1 in 9 people in the world are food insecure, or do not have enough food to meet their nutritional needs.  That is the equivalent to about 805 million people who do not have enough food to live an active, and healthy life.

This past week, the Greenwood FFA has been firing on all cylinders to do their part in contributing to the fight against hunger.

Tuesday kicked off what we have been referring to as "hunger week" at Greenwood.  On Tuesday, the Greenwood FFA was joined by other chapters from the Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry Area to participate in a Stop Hunger Now event.  The students, working efficiently in stations, were able to package an impressive
23,000 meals that will be distributed to 30 different developing countries.  These meals not only go to people who do not have enough food each day, but specifically to young students who attend school to receive a free education as well as a hot meal each day.  The students learned an invaluable lesson about the cycle of poverty and how education is the solution to combating food insecurity.

Packaging 23,000 meals was quite a way to get our chapter ready for our next big event.  On Friday evening, with the help of the Perry County Grange and various churches from around the area.  Guests received envelops with different amounts of "money", depending on their assigned socio-economic status; first, middle, and lower classes.  Different social classes were able to afford varying amounts and types of food which included a ham loaf dinner, pot pie, or rice and beans.

The meal, which looked a little different for all 135 guests, was followed by a guest speaker, Kevin Faith from the Bureau of Food Security, and a question and answer session about perceptions and experiences of guests with varying statuses.

After everything was said and done, in addition to the 23,000 meals packed, the Greenwood FFA was able to raise $2,652 to be donated to the local food bank.  Our kids had a big week that was a great display of their even bigger hearts.  The work ethic, ambition, and global dispositions of our students were showcased this past week to kick-start an awe-inspiring initiative of addressing food insecurity by the Greenwood FFA.

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  1. What an awesome week and it sounds like the Hunger Banquet was a success! Greenwood FFA is full of rockstars! Keep up the great work Ms Bickhart!