Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Elementary, My Dear...

As my third week comes to a close here at Greenwood High School, I find myself amazed at the efforts of our students working toward their upcoming Hunger Banquet event on February 6th.  It seems as my week has been filled with meetings and lessons and events all geared toward supporting Greenwood's anti-hunger efforts... and it rocks!

One of the unique things I have had the chance to do with my students in the short time that I have
been here so far, and is a part of the Hunger Banquet project, is wrapping up this week as well.  In the FFA Leadership class, my students worked hard at developing lessons which they delivered to
elementary students, ranging from kindergarten all the way through 5th grade.  The 10 high schoolers taught the elementary kids about what it meant to be hungry and that not everybody gets to go to bed with their bellies full each night.

After each lesson was over, the elementary students placed their hand print on one of the 3 six-foot posters that will decorate the banquet hall on banquet night.  The handprints are arranged in a total of 18 small circles, each representing a dinner plate that will hold a fact or statistic about food security around the world.

When we began this project, we were hoping that two, maybe three, elementary classrooms would humor us for an afternoon to let us do our thing.  However, the response we had was overwhelming.  We elongated our teaching time from one day to two and ended visiting 8 different classes (and the whole 5th grade at one time!)  It was awesome to see my students getting excited about educating younger students.  I may have even spotted a few potential teachers...

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  1. Hi Janae! Sounds like you and the students are really informing many on the issue of hunger. What impact do you think these experiences are having on your students? What change have you seen in them? Have they met and overcome challenges?

    Keep doing good things! Looking forward to my visit next week!