Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Trip Out West

This past week, the Janae's (for those of you who don't know, there are actually two of us...) packed up and headed out west!  In the middle of the spring snow storm and 4 hours later, we arrived at Conneaut Area Senior High School to visit a good friend of ours.

Ms. Laura Metrick is currently student teaching with Ms. Ellen Aurand at Conneaut and is rocking it out!  We had the opportunity to see Laura in her element working with her kids and doing great things.

It was evident that Laura is really stretching herself and growing as a teacher throughout her student teaching experience.  We watched Laura go from instructing her students in the wood shop as they completed their wood stool projects, then move seemlessly into classroom mode where her students continued to learn about plant physiology.

Ms. Metrick's students weren't the only ones learning that day though.  Laura is doing an awesome job incorporating technology into her classroom and gave me a few pointers to take back to Greenwood.  Conneaut students each have an iPad that they are given to use in class and Laura has found creative ways of utilizing those resources.  I had the opportunity to watch her use apps, like Nearpod, to take her accelerate her classroom through a digital platform.

Our 4 hours through the snow was well worth it this past week.  It was great to see one of my closest friends transform from student to teacher, from Laura to Ms. Metrick.

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