Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Kids Change the World

A little while back, I came across a YouTube Channel with a few videos.  The videos all stared a young man who goes by "Kid President".  I watched a few of the videos and was taken aback.  This kid was making profound statements about truisms of today's society that many of us are tempted to just overlook.  One of my favorite videos of the Kid President was entitled How to Change the World. Check out the video below.  

I think many of us might choose to keep scrolling when coming across a video or article with such a title, viewing this as a seemingly unreachable goal.  However, it was worth the watch to hear opinions on how to change the world through the young eyes of a child.

It made me laugh a little as I watched the video.  This kid was right, it's not about being the coolest or the richest or having the most connections, its about an attitude change.  It's about a contagious attitude change that fuels a chain reaction of new actions that lead to results.  I've got goosebumps over here!

But not just goosebumps from the video.  I've got them because I've seen the shift.  I've had the opportunity to see my students be those students who know what it takes to start a trend, who are "cool" to everyone without a second thought, who make a difference each day.

So while I had the opportunity to accompany my students to the Pennsylvania FFA's State Legislative Leadership Conference a few weeks back, I knew that they attended this event just thinking its part of what they do.  But what I saw was different; I saw six young individuals who were gearing up to change the world.

The whole purpose of this conference was to familiarize FFA members, who are by nature already cultivated leaders, with the legislative process so that they may soon be actively engaged citizens to fairly represent the agriculture industry.

They were engaged in conversation, actively participating in legislative simulation, just "doing their thing".  I saw them growing right before me but they didn't even know it.  To them, this is what they do.  They learn, they grow, they make a difference.

The Kid President got it right.  Its a change in the attitude, a need for forward thinking.  One of the greatest privileges of my student teaching internship is being a part of growing that mindset within my students, the ones who are the change.

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