Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Visit Close to Home

Recently for my fourth visit to see a student's Supervised Agricultural Experience program, or SAE project, while at Greenwood, I didn't have to travel far from home.  In fact, I just stopped at my neighbors to meet Ethan while he was out for his evening chores.  Ethan's parents, Heather and Pete, were great blessings in my life these past 15 weeks.  It was because of them that I had a place to live while student teaching and not only was it my own place, but an adorable farmhouse!  But I digress...

Ethan is in the 8th grade at Greenwood Middle School and currently serves as a Middle School FFA officer.  Ethan currently keeps records on a Swine Entrepreneurship SAE for his first year in FFA.

I visited Ethan at his parents' farm, Brummer Farms.  The farm currently houses more than 100 ewes and raises various types of beef cattle.  Ethan is responsible for approximately 10 sows, which have, or are preparing to, farrow (so there were piglets everywhere!).  Ethan’s plan is to continue to raise all of the sows and keep two for showing and send 2 or 3 more to market.

Ethan has shown great involvement with the day-to-day responsibility of swine production.  Ethan has began a great SAE program that offers plenty of opportunity for growth over the next few years of Ethan’s FFA career.

As a point of improvement, I encouraged Ethan to continue to work to build his financial standings and keep his record books up to date.  However, being that this is Ethan's first year keeping SAE records as an 8th grader, it is easy to see that Ethan is going to go on to do great things; maybe even receive a state FFA proficiency award!

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