Friday, January 16, 2015

Introducing the Newest Wildcat: Ms. Bisquick

Introducing the Newest Greenwood Wildcat:
Ms. Bisquick

After just 5 days in to my student teaching experience, not only have I gained a new desk and a new name, but also a whole new set of challenges.  I often go by Ms. Bisquick while at school; its a long story but apparently Bickhart sounds like Bisquick and it just kinda stuck... 

All in all, my first week has been a blast!  What started out as simply a week of observation, has turned into a week of many hats.  I've been a substituting, AET-teaching, copy-making, Moodle-doing, lesson-planning, exam-grading, chaperoning, post-it note-using, FFA Jacket-fitting, Farmshow-going, bonified, first-week approved student teacher.  After all of that, I even had time to fit in a great conversation about scrapple-making with my favorite custodian, Uncle Bob.

But it hasn't all been a frenzy of fun... I've had some stretching experiences this week as well, mainly in the category of classroom management.  Teaching some lessons on record books and AET while my cooperating teachers had substitutes for the day was a lot of fun, but proved to be challenging as well.  Working with kids with only establishing limited rapport is tough and resulted in some frustration.  My goal is to continue working on relationship with my students so that hopefully by the time I begin to teach that particular class, we have established some mutual respect and we both can learn a little something.I have had a great week here at Greenwood!  I enjoy working with the kids, my teachers are great, and I have experienced nothing but hospitality from other faculty and the administration.  But if someone were to ask me which moment was my favorite, it would be tough to choose, but I believe Sun Salutations Plant Sciece during our weekly session of Stretching with Sam would take the cake!

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  1. Janae, your blog made me smile. I'm happy to hear you had a successful week of juggling the hats of an ag teacher. Classroom management is a challenge for all new and beginning teachers. Don't forget to utilize your classroom management posters and making sure you establish procedures and protocols from the get go. You'll find that sometimes students will push you because you are new. But stick to your guns! You'll find you will develop the rapport and mutual respect you mentioned in time! Keep up the good work.