Monday, January 12, 2015

No Days Like Snow Days!

Today is day one of my student teaching internship.  I laid out my clothes, Greenwood FFA windbreaker included,  the night before, packed my bag all up, ready to chaperone my first (official) field trip as a student teacher.  At 5:30 am I am up and moving and ready to get this show on the road!  But wait, just kidding, we have a two hour delay...

Ok, no problems, just a little behind schedule.  But wait, just kidding again, school's closed for the day... Again, no worries... We are Ag Teachers now; do you think we would really let a little (or not so little...) bit of ice stand in our way?!

And so we were off!  Off to the PA Farmshow in our Silver Bullet (a silver van that is the pride and
joy of the Greenwood School District).  Unfortunately, because of the snow day we were not able to take our kids along.  However, we were pleasantly surprised to meet a few of them at the complex when we arrived. ;)

I had the opportunity today to get acquainted with the PA FFA Alumni Foundation's Jacket Scholarship program while working with my cooperating teacher, who just happened to be in charge of making sure that 550 freshman students had jackets with their names on them, sitting on the backs
of their chairs when they arrived.  It was awesome to place so many of the corduroy jackets today, knowing that today was the beginning of 550 new FFA careers.

Also, even after only officially being at Greenwood for one day, I am al
ready so proud of my kids!  5 Keystone Degree recipients, 2 Regional Stars in Agricultural Placement and Agriscience, 1 Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship recipient, Agriscience projects earning 1st place and "Best In Show", multiple freshman members receiving their first Greenwood FFA Jackets, and a super experience with two of the best teachers around!

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